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From farms to boardrooms around the world, there’s unprecedented demand for a smarter, safer food supply. Tagologic makes it possible, delivering transformative business results and unrivaled peace of mind.

Tagologic is an ecosystem that connects participants across the food supply through a flexible, trusted and shared record of food system data.

The result is a customizable suite of solutions that can increase food safety and freshness, unlock supply chain efficiencies, minimize waste, enhance your brand’s reputation, and contribute directly to your bottom line.

A flexible and trusted ecosystem

Tagologic is a cloud-based solution providing a flexible and trusted way for network participants to share food data, derive value from the contributions of others, choose where and how they deploy it.

Co-created by companies like yours

Growers, distributors, retailers and others in the food supply have joined Tagologic. Together, they provide a guiding hand to make the world’s food supply safer, smarter, more sustainable, and more efficient for all.

Data that is secure and immutable

The patented TTag technology delivers a new environment for sharing data where even competitors can cooperate. All participants can set custom access levels and collaborate securely – data is digital, secure and immutable.

A farm-to-table ecosystem that grows with increased membership and network participation, facilitating growth and data diversity

Tagologic mobile solution

Track & trace

Trace your food products in seconds. In a transparent and secure network, you can gain visibility upstream or downstream, view location or status, and verify credibility or safety. The Trace solution enables effective management and food safety across your entire food system.

Tagologic web analytics dashboard

Report & analyze

Gain deep insights into your supply chain efficiency. Analyze in seconds where and how your fresh product is spending time with inventory flow, average dwell time, time-since-harvest, and more.

The result is you having fresher products and less waste for a more sustainable food ecosystem.

Tagologic API management

Integrate & scale

Next to the Tagologic web and mobile solutions, your enterprise can leverage a rich set of APIs. This enables a deeper integration into your internal systems to further enhance food traceability, consumer engagement, supply chain management, efficiency, dispute resolutions, inventory management, shelf life and much more.

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