Peter De Bruyne


In 2014, Peter started the consultancy and advisory organisation; Yield Consulting.

Prior to Yield Consulting, he joined EurASP (later Porthus), a start-up Application Service Provider. At Porthus, Peter started architecting EAI solutions (Enterprise Application Integration) for customers like Levi Strauss, Corus, Beglian Number Portability Association. In 2006, Peter moved to the Netherlands starting the Dutch branch of Porthus. One and half year later, Peter went to Slovakia to expand the Porthus Development Center in Zilina.
After leaving Porthus, Peter became more and more interested how to build a holistic view of the organization’s strategy, processes, product management and information technology assets.
Peter holds a bachelor in Computer Science (Hogeschool Ghent, BE) and certifications in a number of industry-awarded frameworks like TOGAF, ITIL and Pragmatic Marketing.