Legitimate manufacturers of luxury sports, fashion items and accessories, invest in research and development, quality materials and manufacturing processes, and they work to meet the conformity assessment schemes of their markets. They work to build brand recognition and to foster goodwill with their end users.

The counterfeiters that are their direct competition rely on stealing their brand names and profiting from their goodwill and reputations resulting in the following:
• Direct loss of sales.
• Loss of goodwill.
• Irreparable damage to corporate brand/reputation.

Tagologic addresses luxury fashion and sport goods, accessories and other markets, where high value products and assets are the targets of counterfeiters.

We provide the strongest product and brand authentication available using our secure TTag and smartphone app. Now you can confirm the identity and authenticity of a product, record its location and optional environmental data, and even push down notices and marketing offers in real time.

The Counterfeitwarrior for manufacturers, consists of a NFC, RFID or BLE chip with a TTag inside.
These TTags are available in a variety of standard or customized form factors including under a label, part of a product’s packaging, or within the actual product.

A customer can scan the TTag using our commercial app on a mobile device. By scanning the TTag, the user is able to check the authenticity of a product and receive extended product information.
The cloud services on the Tagologic platform, allow you to collect this interaction and interest data, location, and user data in real time. The Tagologic consumer applications allow you to push down messages and offers to your customers while they are showing interest in your product.

This powerful combination makes is possible to:


  • Protect your products against forgery
  • Provide extended product information about a product
  • Process optimization, insights and analytics


  • Check if I bought a real product
  • Extended digital information about this product
  • Receive an overview related products
  • Product safety


  • Extended counterfeit control