Recent scandals relating to food adulteration have resulted in a growing need for instruments that restore trust in the food system. The information from the traditional barcodes does not offer the customer sufficient information about a product and supplier background.

The Tagologic transparency solution enables suppliers to offer their customers complete product transparency and as a result trust.

The Tagologic transparency solution offers a tool to provide your customers with complete transparency about the supplier, contents, origin and production process of a particular product. Moreover, by scanning the TTag, consumer and producer are in contact with each other, and are able to have direct interaction.


The transparency solution, consists of a traditional barcode, Qr code or NFC connected to a TTag.
The supplier is able to create his extended products manual or automated using the Tagologic dashboard.
As a result, the customer is able to view your products on website, app, or scan the products inside the store using a mobile phone.
The analytics dashboard allows you to collect interaction and interest data, location, and user data in real time. From the analytics dashboard you can push down messages and offers to your customers while they are showing interest in your product.

This powerful combination makes is possible to:


  • Product transparency
  • Interaction with customer
  • Insights and analytics


    • Product transparency
    • Easy access to product information
    • Interaction with supplier


    • Labeling law