Blockchain is a type of distributed ledger/decentralised database, created with unchangeable, digitally recorded data in packages called blocks. These “Blocks” of data are stored in a linear “Chain”. Each block in the chain contains data, and is cryptographically hashed. The blocks of hashed data draw upon the previous-block (which came before it) in the chain, ensuring all data in the overall “BlockChain” has not been tampered with and remains unchanged.

We at Tagologic created a basic set of BlockChain, functions combined with our TTag technology to create different solutions for our customers that really make a difference.

We developed our solutions to service multiple platforms and devices, like:

  • Webapplications
  • IOS apps
  • Android apps


Benefits of using the strong combination of the TTag technology and BlockChain are:

Trust in one version of the truth
All users make use of the same data.

Control your own data
You are able to authorize who can use your data

Everyone uses the same data source
No data in different databases anymore, but one data source.

Real time transactions 
Enable realtime transactions and efficiency

Track and trace who did what from where with your data