NRC.NEXT: Streepjescode gaat op de helling

De streepjescode is handig voor bij de kassa, maar ongeschikt om klanten goed en snel te informeren over herkomst, fabricage, distributie en echtheid van producten. Nieuwe apps voor smartphones voorzien in die behoefte. More

Even scannen… en zeker weten dat het wel het echte geneesmiddel is

Hoewel nationaal en internationaal activiteiten worden ontplooid om handel in nepgeneesmiddelen tegen te gaan, is de handel hierin nog steeds bloeiend. Een nieuwe toepassing is erop gericht het probleem definitief op te lossen.   Read full article HERE More

Top 4 NFC Trends for the Future

At RapidNFC, they are always following the latest trends in the NFC industry; an industry that is constantly innovating and developing new features. In this article they are going to look at what we believe will be some of the key trends in the future. Read full article HERE More

Internet of Things: Buzzword or Business Value?

The Internet of Things (IoT), like big data, is a hot buzzword. But is IoT actually a new market? The concept of IoT has been around for decades. IoT is an evolution of the Machine to Machine (M2M) market, which focused largely on industrial industries. Today, M2M has evolved into IoT. It also goes by many other terms. ... More

All Things could be connected via the Internet

  The predicted numbers vary, but they’re all massive, and the general thrust is that by 2020 as many as 50 billion things could be connected via the Internet. And that’s not just PCs, laptops, smartphones and tablets, but RFID tags, sensors and network-capable microcomputers as well. Read article HERE More

An article about Tagologic solutions and the implemented solution by us and partner Agri&Connecting food, at our customer Agrimarkt. (Dutch) De Zeeuwse supermarktketen Agrimarkt probeert met de app ‘De boer @pp’ haar klanten te interesseren voor producten van boeren uit de omgeving. Met behulp van de ...

Tagologic is an innovative Dutch technology company that developed and patented a technology to worldwide unique code , specify and identify all digital and physical objects. The Tagologic TAG is designed for multiple branches and products: Extended product information Counterfeit Chain optimization and transp...

Keijzer communicatie and Tagologic team up to present the newest technycal solutions for 2015 to you and your customers! Read the (dutch) article...HERE on page 4 : Lekker broodje paardenvlees? and page 9 - The Sky is not the Limit: BigData, TTag, ...

Agrimarkt wins MVO prize with Tagologic technology

Read the full (dutch) article about the prize. More

Apple 6, NFC & Tagologic

Apple is pushing NFC in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus for Apple Pay, but the company may have bigger plans for the wireless technology beyond mobile payments. A report from The Information claims Apple has been in talks with technology providers about using NFC for building security access and public transit ticketing. The ... More