Top 5 technologies retailers should adopt this year

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Retailers strive to improve shopping experiences but have traditionally been less willing to adopt the newest commerce technologies available. This reluctance to be on the leading edge was a solid survival strategy when the pace of change was slower, when consumer devices possessed less flexibility and computing power than they do today. This “wait and see” attitude towards innovative technology has run head-on into what IDC Retail Insights describes as today’s Five ‘I’ Shopper:

  • Instrumented through mobile devices
  • Informed through “always-on” Internet access
  • Interconnected through social communities
  • In-place: in-store, in public, or at home
  • Immediate in their ability to take action

Today, connected consumers seek the integrated, omni-channel shopping experiences that only innovative commerce technologies can deliver. They expect all retailers to deliver consistently high levels of convenience, selection, service and customer-centric bridging of digital and in-store experiences.


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